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Kimberlee Beeson

My name is Kimberlee and this smart idea is an inspiration of my mom, Juanita. For many years, she has been creating original designs for serving food with an elegant appearance by taping and gluing household items together to build the framework she envisioned. Juanita has become Juanita Beesonknown for the charm and beauty that highlights her delicious edibles.

I decided it was time to take her taped and glued sculptures and transform them into something special that everyone can use with ease and confidence, and enjoy.

BeeServed is the name of this product . The "bee" portion was extracted from the first syllable of our family name. Our logo was derived from our family name, a bee-colored sun. We like it and hope you do too.

Eric-Logan BeesonAlready on-board in our family business is my son, Eric-Logan, who has been involved from the beginning. He is credited with our latest functional yet classic accessory, EL Saucer. We're excited to see his creativity bloom with success in BeeServed.

-Kimberlee S. Beeson

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Grand Haven, MI 49417
il: info@beeserved.com


The Hostess Corner!

Are you the hostess with the most-ess? We'd like to see what you've done with our products. Come visit our Hostess Corner to share your creative ideas for our BeeServed products. If you need creative inspiration, this is a great place to start!